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A.1.1 - To provide search engine submission, marketing, and promotion, our company has certain legal and ethical responsibilities concerning dealing with our customers and conducting our services. Our general policy is to act as an Internet service provider. We reserve the right to cancel any order or all services when we decide your website does not meet our submission standards.

A.2.1 - All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. Everglaze International is not responsible for typographical errors. All typographical errors are subject to correction.

Important Notices

B.1.1 - Understand that Everglaze International simply submits your website to search engines and directories. It is still up to the search engines and directory companies to decide your approval, listing, ranking, and placement.

B.1.2 - Please be aware the Everglaze International is only a search engine submission firm. We do not provide any form of search engine ranking and optimization services. Your listing is not guaranteed to appear in any top ranking under any keywords you desire. Search engine ranking is determined by your web contents and network characteristics. For more information, please read this article.

B.1.3 - All websites placed for submission through Everglaze International are expected to be professionally built, unique in content, and does not contain contents of other pages already listed on search engines. "Doorway" and other affiliate pages may be denied from being listed on search engines.

B.1.4 - Please make sure your website is ready to be submitted to search engines before you order; Everglaze International will not delay submissions under any circumstances.

B.2.1 - While some search engines and directory companies can process your website within 7 business days, please allow up to 8-10 weeks for your website to be fully processed by certain search engines companies. Please be aware that search engine down-times and server failures on behalf of search engine companies will not be compensated.

B.3.1 - Please be aware that you will receive a number of emails from search engines in both your primary and secondary email accounts. Your secondary email account is required for automated submission, with may generate a large number of SPAM. Please read line F.1.1 - F.1.3 on how to protect yourself and your business from possible SPAM mails.

B.4.1 - Your website will be checked by an Everglaze International staff member on a monthly basis depending on the type of package plan you have purchased. If your website is listed on major engines and properly updated, your monthly re-submission will be skipped for it may do more harm than good towards your listings. However, once your listing disappears or is not updated, the monthly re-submission will then take affect.

3rd Party Search Engine Contents

C.1.1 - Please be aware that Everglaze International cannot and does not check the content of 3rd party search engines' web contents. Everglaze International is not responsible for any material provide to you by any search engines.

C.1.2 - If you would like to report a unlawful or dead search engine, please send them to support@everglaze.net.

Lowest Price Guarantee

D.1.1 - We guarantee our plan rates are the lowest price when compared to any other registered companies selling similar types of services. You will be granted a full refund within 30 days after your purchase if you such cheaper service. To request such refund, you must send a request to support@everglaze.net with your name, contact, and competitor's website. All enquires should be processed within 2 business days.

D.1.2 - *Restrictions: Credits shall not be provided to you in the events that: 1) The competitor website or company is not certified/registered. 2) The price is a limited time discount or sale. 3) The company is a reseller of Everglaze International's services. 4) The client broke any of the rules within our conditions of use.

Notice and Takedown

E.1.1 - Clients will not be notified when Everglaze International's website is taken down, shut down, or is updating. In the event of a potential takedown, please exit the website and re-visit the page a few hours later. All maintenances should be completed within hours unless it is a server issue.

Unsolicited Email (SPAM)

F.1.1 - To protect your privacy, Everglaze International requires two forms of email accounts when registering. A primary email account and a secondary email account. The primary email account will not be issued on automated search engine submissions. The only use of this account functions as a form of communication between the client and the company. Primary email account will also be used in hand-submissions only. Secondary email account will be submitted under the automated search engine submission program. This means your secondary email account may or will receive large amount of confirmation and unsolicited emails. To best protect your privacy, be sure to use a secondary email account that does not have private information about you and your business.

F.1.2 - If automated submission is selected, you will receive a large number of emails that may be useful and not. Regardless, they will only be sent to your secondary email account (Junk Mail Account).

F.1.3 - Everglaze International is not responsible for any SPAM mails within your secondary email account. Everglaze International will not provide refund on the basis of SPAM mail within your secondary email account.

Server Abuse

G.1.1 - Server abuse will not be tolerated. All criminal acts will be reported and prosecuted under fullest extent of the law.

G.1.2 - All international criminal acts will be reported to International Business Bureau offices.

G.1.3 - Guessing and typing in false promotional code is a form of server abuse and will not be tolerated.

Promotional and Limited Time Offers

H.1.1 - From time to time, Everglaze International will offer promotional events. If the promotional offer is displayed on the Everglaze International website, then a promotional code is not needed; the offer will be automatically added onto all purchases.

H.1.2 - Promotional offers from 3rd party companies and/or not listed on the website will require a promotional code. Simply include the code on the order page and you will receive re-credit after your order has been processed. Please allow up to 2 business days for your re-credit to appear.


I.1.1 - Everglaze International is not responsible for any potential damages, misleads, and harms done to you and/or your business, and will not compensate for any of your losses. All conditions are subject to change without notices.

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