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"After the completion of my website, I've decided to use Everglaze International to popularize and submit my site to search engines. Their customer service representatives were very patient and clear in answering my questions. Less than 4 hours after I finished my order form, I've began to receive emails from Google, AltaVista, MSN, Yahoo, Lycos, GigaBlast, and other major search engines confirming that my website was submitted to them and they will review my website for listing. Sure enough after a few weeks, my website began to appear on search engines and even other web pages! I highly recommend Everglaze because they truly made web site promotion as simple and affordable as it can possibly be."

- Jurgen Berden | www.omnipaper.org

"I have already burned hundreds of dollars in trying to promote my website. I gave Everglaze International a shot and remarkably, my website was actually SUBMITTED and people actually WENT ON my site. May sound stupid but for those who are looking everywhere to promote their website, you know how I feel. Thank you Everglaze!"

- Eliza Sharp | www.docarch.be

"I recently signed up for the gold plan in submitting my website. I must say, you guys sure do one hell of a job in search engine submission. I am very satisfied with my plan and I will definitely tell others about you."

- Michio Aida | www.jinchuu.com

"Being a multi-ECommerce business owner, I have to make sure my website is constantly listed and popularized in search engines. Everglaze International has done a great job in not only getting my site listed initially, but their re-submissions keeps my site updated and listed."

- Josh O'Neil | Golden Horse Printing LLC

"Everglaze International submitted my site with quality and affordability. It is certainly amazing how my site is listed in major and minor search engines for so cheap! Their customer service staff always answered my questions with details and promptness. Highly recommended service to all who are looking to promote their website on search engines."

- Katholieke Universiteit Leuven | www.kuleuven.be

- Full 3 out of 3 stars certification rating as "The premier search engine submission provider on the net."

- MostPopularFinders.com Independent Reviews

Customer Satisfaction Level
1st Quarter 2005

Reported Increase in Web Traffic
1st Quarter 2005

Reported Increase in Link Popularity
1st Quarter 2005

Note: All statistics are compiled by quarterly satisfaction evaluation of 3000 random clients from that quarter. Every quarter is divided into 3 segments respectively.

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